PhD Student positions available 

The positions are suitable for students and researchers with a background in inorganic, organic, biological chemistry or biochemistry. Following topics may be covered in the dissertation project:

Interaction of vanadium-based polyoxometalates with biological systems

The aim of the work is the design, synthesis and characterization of vanadium polyoxometalates with structures enabling interaction with biomolecules and the study of the interaction using spectral methods.

Synthesis of fluorinated polyoxometalates

The goal is to develop methods for preparation of fluorinated polyoxometalates of vanadium, molybdenum and tungsten, the

study of their structures and properties applicable in materials chemistry.

Chiral oxido complexes of vanadium

The aim of the work is synthesis and characterization of oxido complexes of vanadium with potential use in catalysis or in

bioinorganic chemistry and the study of the structure and stereochemistry of such compounds focused on chirality.

We are looking for a dedicated and creative individual with a strong background in general chemistry knowledge and good written and spoken English. Preferred qualifications:

- MSc degree in chemistry or related fields (biochemistry, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry);

- Experience in chemical synthesis;

- Theoretical and practical experience in common spectral methods (infrared, uv-VIS and NMR spectroscopy).